Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ecoeye inspired by Tipperary's community energy scheme

- Duncan Stewart sees groundswell build in face of "massive change”

RTE’s Ecoeye on Feb 4th showcased the work of an unique LCDP-supported community energy project in North Tipperary.
Reflecting afterwards on this and a project he visited on Inis Mor, presenter Duncan Stewart said, “I believe we’re on the cusp of a massive change… it’s slow but it’s coming."
All credit to the people in Drombane and Upperchurch in Tipperary, as well as North Tipperary Leader Partnership, for setting the example and showing how it can be done.

RTE's Ecoeye visited Drumbane-Upperchurch to see how the Tipperary Energy Agency worked.
Their work featured in a broadcast on Feb 4, 2014.
Duncan is optimistic about communities showing resilience in the face of climate change: 
“Each community needs champions and a committed team. On Aran, it’s a co-operative; in Drumbane and Upperchurch, it was the local energy team. The idea of community energy is beginning to catch on.
“Recently, 51 local newspapers around Ireland have initiated the nationwide ‘Get Involved’ competition*, their aim is to encourage communities to set up sustainable energy co-ops in each Irish town.
"I believe we’re on the cusp of a massive change. There's going to be a groundswell movement in every small little community across Europe. In Ireland, it’s slow but it’s coming where people will be saying ‘We want local energy, we want not to be using fossil fuel, we want to be able to reduce our energy demand and I think that movement is just about to start.”
Noel Byrne of Drombane-Upperchurch with Duncan Stewart.
* For more information, contact the SEAI or your local newspaper. The Drombane Upperchurch project has its own Facebook page.
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