Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sean Gallagher - the 'Changing Ireland' interview - on youth work, criticisms and experience

Today is election day and Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher has replied (late and with apologies) to the questions we posed about his views on youth and community work and his level of involvement. We also asked for his reaction to community worker Rita Fagan's criticisms of his record as a community worker when she spoke on TV3. Mr. Gallagher deflected the criticism saying, "I would never pass judgement on the work of others or their commitment to the sector."
The full interview is published here verbatim:

Sean Gallagher may yet answer community development questions

We've just received a call from Sean Gallagher's team. Kasia Murphy said Sean's replies to our questions are on their way by email. She indicated that the candidate's communications team has been stretched in recent days.

FOR THE RECORD, on Monday of this week, 'Changing Ireland' contacted Sean Gallagher’s press office to arrange an interview that we intended to publish online.