Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Changing Ireland magazine editor's response to 'Breaking Crime' (Limerick)

The editor of national community development magazine ‘Changing Ireland’, based in Moyross, Limerick, has written to TV3’s chief executive, David McRedmond asking for improved treatment by the station of disadvantaged communities.
He has also produced a video response to the first installment of the 'Breaking Crime' programme broadcast on TV3.
“There should be a much stronger focus on the positive work being done on the ground, which ‘Breaking Crime’ barely touched on,” said Allen Meagher in his letter to the TV3 boss.
His views are echoed in reactions to the programme's focus on the capital's inner city, with the National College of Ireland saying the "negative publicity will make us even more determined to work together... at home, in the creches, schools, afterschools and in the community." 

Established in 2001, ‘Changing Ireland’ highlights community-based solutions to supposedly impossible social issues. The magazine is based in Moyross which was referred to in the first instalment in the four-part series.
Mr. Meagher, speaking in Southill where the joy-riding element was filmed, said, “The integrity of that programme, in my view, was not quite what it should be. The car crime element provided joy-riders with over a minute’s coverage while failing to mention a project in the area that is successful in steering young people away from such activity. Also, that element of the programme lacked continuity, notably when at one stage a jeep disappeared.”