Monday, October 21, 2013

Fewer college drop-outs due to CDP

- Project impact on city outlined
Jennifer McMahon launching the report
Jennifer McMahon of UL officially launched Limerick City CDP's report
Limerick City Community Development Project (LCCDP) launched its annual report for 2012 in June and the report’s statistics underpin positive changes in people’s lives.
For instance, the project dispersed 166 bursaries* to third level students from Moyross, Southill, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Mary’s and St. Munchin’s.
“We know first hand, that due to delays with the (third level) grant system, the provision of funding by the CDP for registration, books and materials was vital for students to take up their places in third level,” said manager Juan Carlos Azzopardi.
The report was launched by the project’s new independent chairperson, Jennifer McMahon from UL.
Notable achievements included:
- Over 40 community groups were supported to develop and deliver area-based services and participate in fora that influence policy development in the city.
- Over 5,500 homes received local newsletters and service directories.
- 1,000 residents took part in three community festivals organised to celebrate community pride and spirit.
- 450 people attended information sessions on health, drugs and adult education.
- 55 people took part in FETAC Major Awards;
- 11 people completed a Personal Empowerment Programme (to increase their work readiness and employment prospects).
- 15 students, volunteers and participants on Jobsbridge and TUS placements received valuable work experience.
Drugs education and prevention is a major part of the LCCDP’s work and drugs education workers reached over 1,800 young people.
The project took a 13% cut to its budget last year. Its mission is to support and provide access to training, information, education and employment opportunities so as to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities experiencing social and economic disadvantage.
It works closely with the LCDP-funded PAUL Partnership.
For more information, tel: 061 328690. E: W:
* The bursary funding was sourced from Regeneration, JP McManus Trust, Local Education Committees and LIT.

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